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Q: Who is MYsportID?

A: MYsportID is an Australian based company which distributes personal identification products.

The ID product will be useful to his owner in case of an injury/emergency.


Q: What is MYsportID and which products does MYsportID offers to its customers?

A: MYsportID is a great accessory for all sports people including swimmers, tri-athletes runners, cyclists, and surfers.

MYsportID gives you and your loved ones peace of mind at all times.

MYsportID offers our customers the must quality, fashionable and safe identification product.

Please feel free to view our products via our products page


Q: Who needs MYsportID?


• Whether you are a child or an adult, active or not, you should wear MYsportID.

• People who suffer from chronic problems such as: allergies, or using special medications.

• All your necessary information is available to the first responders on the field, in a case of an emergency.


Q: Is there any warranty on the products?

A: Yes! If a spelling mistake was made by us on the ID tag, we will immediately send you a new ID plate with no extra cost. If a spelling mistake was done during your order, we will be happy to fix it for you for a small handling fee. 


Q: What is the privacy policy of MYsportID?

A: Very simple answer! All your personal information will NEVER be given to any organization! Your 

name/address/email address/phone number will be maintained on a secure server. In order to view 

the details of our full privacy policy please see our terms of service.


Q: Can I purchase MYsportID for a friend/gift?

A: Yes! Of course can you order MYsportID products to your love ones, relatives and friends.

We can ship your order to anyone, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.


Q: Can a Sports Club, company, or any other group have their logo engraved on the ID Tags?

A: Yes. For quotation please contact us and we will find the best way for it to work. The final cost depends on design, quantities, and delivery time.


Q: How long does it take for an item to be sent to me?

A: A product that not required any special graphics processing will be send to you up to 12 business days from the date of order.


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